MSc in Cyberpsychology graduate invited to present research at International Cyber Security Strategy Congress

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Ms Nicola Fortune, recent graduate of IADT’s MSc in Cyberpsychology (DL904), has been invited to present her dissertation research at the International Cyber Security Strategy Congress (ICSS2015) organised by the Belgian Cybercrime Centre of Excellence for Training, Research and Education.

The congress will be held in Leuven, Belgium on 4th and 5th February 2015. Ms Fortune’s research was supervised by Dr. Grainne Kirwan, and examined how law enforcement personnel working with distressing material online could be supported in their work.

The cross-cultural research involved the conduction of semi-structured interviews with law enforcement personnel exposed to distressing material online as part of their work. The study found that investigators exposed to such material experience stress from several sources, and that other factors such as poor management, high workloads and limited resources also play a role in the stress experienced. The research highlights the importance of providing support to reduce these stressors. It also recommends the introduction of high quality training which would facilitate positive coping strategies amongst law enforcement personnel.

Further details on the congress are available from www.icss2015.EU